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Human Trafficking:

Human TraffickingHuman trafficking can be defined as a means by which human beings are trafficked from one place to another. The only thing permissible by law to be trafficked is commodity. Human being is not supposed to be trafficked as articles or trade. Human trafficking is huge business and it involves and yields huge sums. It is estimated that this business runs in millions of dollars across the world.

As a business that requires huge sum and able to generate huge profits, the impact in the society is very glaring. People who are into it are making huge money as a result they invest more in it. Therefore, the high turnover on their investment speaks for them. Since human trafficking is a business and as required of all businesses no business runs itself. People are needed to smoothly run a functional business. One can confidently say that this business is an employer of labour. This article might interest you click HERE

Human Trafficking and Its Worth:

The estimation is that, it employs thousands of labourers that are deeply and directly involved. There are also other thousands that are indirectly involved across the world. Those whose businesses are directly or indirectly involve in human trafficking are not technically jobless. They are not looking for jobs and as a result they are not in the job market. They are gainfully employed and are using their job to impact lives. Yes indeed, millions of lives have been impacted by this business all over the world. The wave of this business has caused great havoc in the lives of people. This is to say that the end product of this business is to inflict injuries in the life of people. Though many have made money out of it, in the same vein many lives have been destroyed because of it.

However, let’s look into why the human traffickers are in this business. Aptly, the only thing that motivates people to venture into businesses and careers is the sole purpose of meeting needs. No matter the kind of business anyone does, that business is a byproduct of need. Therefore, the human traffickers are in this human trafficking business in order to meet their needs.

Human Traffickers Do Not Meet Needs:

On the other hand, they are meeting their needs through this business whereas their business is not meeting needs of anyone. Instead of their business meeting needs it is creating situations in the life of people. In this case, it’s not how one meets one’s needs that matters but what meeting one’s needs have caused in the lives people that matters. Human trafficking business does not meet need rather it creates unwanted needs for people. Therefore, because human trafficking business generates negative impact in the society it is a business that should be shun worldwide.

The dangerous impacts of this menace in the society are enormous but we shall be discussing a few of them here. There are at least nine main issues that human traffickers create for their victims. The victims of human trafficking will find himself or herself in any of these, slavery, refugee, prostitution, drug addiction, illicit drug trading, Kidnapping, Debt, ritual killing and death. Notice that all the things mentioned here epitomizes injustice against man and they are criminal acts.


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